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Donation for Chaplain services
It is generally understood that rites of passage are offered freely to contributing members of a minister’s congregation.

WEDDING: $400; with rehearsal $450; plus current mileage allowance ($150.00 Deposit)

FUNERAL, MEMORIAL SERVICE OR OTHER RITES OF PASSAGE: $250; with committal or eulogy $300 plus current
mileage allowance

SERMONS, WORSHIP SERVICES: $250 (one service) $300 (two services) $350 (three services) plus current
mileage allowance

OTHER PROGRAM SERVICES: $75 per hour of presentation plus current mileage allowance

WORKSHOP OR THEME TALK: $250 for half day or $400 full day plus current mileage allowance

Travel: $0.60/km over 20 kms

If overnight lodging is required, the host society assumes the cost. Some ministers prefer home hospitality; others are
more comfortable in a motel or hotel. The decision should be made by the minister. The EMMI strongly urges that all
financial arrangements between the minister and individuals or congregations be clearly stated and agreed to in
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