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Comodo Internet Security Pro
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Industry        Computer security, Internet security
Founded        1998
Headquarters Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

Comodo Group, Inc. is a privately held group of companies providing computer software and SSL
digital certificates, based in Jersey City, New Jersey, in the United States. It has offices in the
United Kingdom, Ukraine, Romania, China, India and Salt Lake City, Utah.

The company was founded in 1998 in the United Kingdom, by Comodo CEO, Melih Abdulhayoğlu,
a technologist and an entrepreneur. He relocated Comodo to the United States in 2004.

The Comodo companies offer many free products through their website, available for public download.
Most notable of Comodo's free products is the Comodo Internet Security freeware program, incorporating
Comodo's firewall, Comodo Firewall Pro, Host Intrusion Prevention System and Antivirus.

Other Comodo branded freeware security tools include an anti-malware tool, and a memory firewall, free
software that protects against over 90% of buffer overflow attacks. For an additional fee, Comodo product
users can subscribe to Comodo's computer cleaning and optimizing services for real-time computer assistance.

Comodo also offers Comodo System Cleaner, which includes a free registry cleaner program, Comodo Unite
(formerly EasyVPN), a virtual private networking (VPN) program, and Comodo SecureEmail, an email
encryption program that allows S/MIME email users to send emails to any email user without exchanging
keys beforehand. These products come in both a limited free version and a more functional professional release.
Un anti-virus seul ne fournit
pas une protection et une
Pourquoi payer pour un
anti-virus qui n'apporte
qu'une partie de la protection
nécessaire tout en laissant
votre PC vulnérable par
ailleurs ? Protégez-le
complètement avec
Internet Security Pro
Comodo Firewall + Antivirus combine un pare-feu complet et
efficace et un antivirus, présentant une interface claire et
intuitive depuis laquelle vous serez en mesure d'administrer
l'ensemble des fonctionnalités proposées. Simple à utiliser,
cette application bloque les hôtes indésirables avant qu'ils ne
génèrent de dégâts sur votre poste de travail et surveille votre
connexion Internet.

 Comodo Firewall + Antivirus
vous offre la possibilité de gérer les accès en personne
Comodo Internet Security Pro
      Antivirus, Personal firewall, Intrusion prevention system
License   Proprietary (Both commercial and freeware editions are available)

Microsoft Windows. It offers anti-malware (Antivirus) protection, a personal firewall, a sandbox and a
Host-based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) called Defense+.

Comodo Internet Security (CIS) is available in four editions: Comodo Internet Security (the standard edition),
Comodo Internet Security Plus, Comodo Internet Security Pro and Comodo Internet Security Complete.
All editions contain a personal firewall which prevents unauthorized communication with the Internet, an
Antivirus that seeks and eliminates malicious software and the Defense+ monitors software for suspicious
behavior and can "sandbox" certain programs, thus preventing them from making permanent changes to
the system.

The basic version, also available for GNU/Linux systems, called just Comodo Internet Security, is freeware.
The Plus, Pro, and Complete editions are available on paid subscription, and offer additional technical support
for the duration of  the subscription, including "GeekBuddy buddy" support, depending upon edition, and
insurance to pay for cleaning virusinfections that are not prevented.  The Complete edition comes with an
online backup service subscription.

GeekBuddy buddy is a support system whereby a Comodo expert makes a remote connection to the user's
computer and resolves a wide variety of technical issues, included but not restricted to virus cleaning and
Internet security, such as software installation and printer setup. It is available in the paid-for versions of CIS,
and as a separate subscription service. The website offers a free 60-day trial of GeekBuddy, but one review
reports that this was refused when requested.

Comodo also offers Comodo Firewall and Comodo Antivirus, components of Comodo Internet Security,
separately. All editions of CIS can install Antivirus software and a standalone personal firewall, or either of
these alone.

Comodo Internet Security was designed around the concept of layered security and provides the following
layers of  protection:

Comodo's Antivirus Software was publicly released along with the Comodo Internet Security Suite on
October 23, 2008. It can scan programs as they are opened, providing continuous protection against threats it
recognises, and can scan all or part of a file system on demand. Since CIS 3.8 it has offered a heuristics engine
built into the scanner. CIS 5.0 added cloud Antivirus protection and spyware scanning capabilities. As it could
not clean all the malware it found effectively, Comodo Cleaning Essentials was developed to supplement CIS.

Comodo's Firewall, Comodo Firewall Pro, generally wins high scores on Firewall testing sites, such as Matousec
and has regularly been included in the top three firewalls. The firewall component has been declared Editor's
Choice by PC Magazine and Gizmo's Tech Support Alert.

HIPS (Defense+)
Comodo's host-based intrusion prevention system (HIPS), known as Defense+, is designed to provide
protection against unknown malware. It is designed to restrict the actions of unknown applications, and
restrict access to important files, folders, settings and the Windows Registry. Defense+ employs Default Deny
Protection, by default refusing any unknown file permission to install or execute except when specifically
allowed by the user or when the file appears on Comodo's whitelist. In CIS 4.0 a sandbox was added to
Defense+ to isolate and run unknown applications.

Remote assistance (GeekBuddy)
Comodo GeekBuddy, which is also available by itself as a separate service, is provided with paid versions of
Comodo Internet Security. It allows a Comodo technician to connect remotely to users' computers to support

Comodo Internet Security v6(CIS6)
On October 6, 2012 Comodo announced that a beta version of CIS version 6 had been made available for
download from the Comodo forums. The new version features a redesigned user interface that is tablet and
touchscreen friendly, a new feature for operating a Windows desktop and application ecosystem entirely in
the secured sandbox and creating a rescue disk.

CIS 6 also installs and integrates with the Comodo Cleaning Essentials suite and Killswitch monitoring software.

Comodo Killswitch
Comodo KillSwitch is a system monitoring tool that allows users to identify, monitor and stop potentially
unsafe program.

Comodo Cleaning Essentials
Comodo Cleaning Essentials (CCE) is a free-standing on-demand virus scanner and cleaner that uses the same
Antivirus engine and database as CIS. It was created in response to criticism of Antivirus's ability to remove
threats it detected. Unlike Antivirus, Cleaning Essentials does not provide continuous protection, but is run on
demand from a hard drive or a USB device. So long as the machine is connected to the Internet CCE can
download the latest definition updates.

Before carrying out a full scan CCE reboots the machine and starts itself before other processes, which allows it
to detect and clean malicious processes which could otherwise hide from and resist cleaning by software such as
Comodo Antivirus.

CCE can carry out a full scan or a custom scan for malware including rootkits, and run KillSwitch, a task manager,
like Windows Task Manager but with added facilities to determine if a process in safe, unknown, or dangerous.
It can terminate stubborn processes that cannot be closed by Windows Task Manager. CCE also has a module to
analyze processes which run automatically at machine startup, identifying malicious autostart processes
Comodo Backup: Comodo Backup is a free data backup program that backs up Windows data files to local,
network, virtual or online storage. Comodo Backup can be scheduled to back up files and its synchronization
mode will take backups of data files which can be restored at a later date. Comodo Backup provides an interface
that allows configuration and customization of backup routines with a range of filters

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